Women’s Ministry

Women’ s ministry is one of the many ministries we have at Jubilee Revival Outreach Ministries. Our aim is to lift up the lives of women socially, spiritually, emotionally, economically and emotionally.

We at  are determined to change Women into hopeful, dependable, constructive and able citizens, capable of changing the future for themselves and others. We intend to implement the following Programs to assist the women namely;

  1. Womens retreats,
  2. Conferences and
  3. Seminars

Where we equip women with different skills like Christian child upbringing, teaching women to be prayerful and intercessors of their families and nations. Submissive to their husbands, offering free counseling services to the bereaved and stressed women.
The ministry also caters for the needs of women who are living a poverty stricken life.
Where we encourage and advice young girls about the life skills as a way of preventing them from danger.
Meetings are held for all women from all walks of life. support all women who come for many reason to receive counselling, advice and support.
Prayer and advice is given to those:

Mission: Teach Women who will teach others who will in turn usher many women into the Lord’s service.To disciple women and help them experience freedom and balance in Christ, by providing them with opportunities to discover, develop and deploy their God given gifts and talents for personal development and service.Who have suffered trauma through various situations.
Who need to know how to be a good wife and mother.
Whose husbands have more than one wife.
Whose husbands are not yet saved.
Who need help to play their role in family life.
Vision: Empower Women by building their capacity to study the Holy Bible.