Meet the Founder

Pastor Ben Tumwebaze is a dynamic preacher and teacher of God’s word. He is a co-founder of Jubilee Outreach Ministries.  He was born and brought up in a polygamous family, which believed and practiced witchcraft. At an early age he went through many struggles with basic needs and education. However by the help of several people , he was able to get the necessary support through his education, otherwise he wouldn’t make it. It is in light of this that Ben Tumwebaze felt the need to help the underprivilleged and orphan kids. Ben embraced the saving Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ on September 19th 1999 and was directed to a local church where he was trained and nurtured in the Lord. Immediately after getting saved , faced resistance from the family because of their commitment to demon worship. After a year of strong discipleship, he felt called to teach and preach the word of God so that unbelievers will, too receive Christ.  He has taught the word of God to several people in churches, seminars and conferences.Through his teaching and preaching, with the help of God, many have been transformed and others have received Christ as their Lord and savoir. 

He is blessed with a beautiful wife, …….. whom she married on August 1st ………. Alice has a special passion for children and to help people to realize the purpose why they were created. 

In 2000 Ben obtained a certificate in Theology, a Diploma in Theology a two year course from ………………………………………..