Child Evangelism

We focus on reaching out to children for Jesus Christ

Our passion is to reachout to children with the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Our purpose is three-fold:

  • To evangelise children with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To disciple them in the Word of God.
  • To establish them in a Bible-believing church for Christian living.

A study show that if a child has not received Jesus Christ as  Savior by the time he is 14, there is only a 4% chance that he will between the ages of 14 and 18, and a 6% chance that it will occur in the remainder of life.

Join us in the most fruitful mission field – the children!

Child Evangelism program is there to minister to children. We have managed to reach out to a number of children.

Child Evangelism takes the truth of God’s Word to children in communities, throughout Uganda. Through this ministry boys and girls have heard the good news since.