Jubilee Revival Outreach Ministries is a registered Organisation found in Uganda. It was founded by  Pastor Ben Tumwebaze.   It was born out of passionate desire to share the love, care and compassion of Christ with vulnerable children living in urban slum and rural areas by providing spiritual, psychological and physical needs, especially children who have lost their parent(s) through HIV/AIDS epidemic and other causes. These Children have no hope for the future.

In 2003 God sent us in Kisalosalo, Kyebando, the suburb of Kampala. This area is a strong hold of Islamic faith. It is also a  community filled with many disadvantaged children and in dare need of proclamation of the gospel of salvation.

Therefore Jubilee Revival Ministries was birthed with a mandate to reach out to communities, raise up a God fearing generation of leaders who will transform communities by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the people; taking transformation through unveiling of practical skills to the people alongside building of the spiritual man through God’s word.

Jubilee Revival Outreach Ministries plans to establish a children Home alongside of education to the disadvantaged children. we have planted over 10 churches in Uganda being led by a well trained and seasoned leaders perusing the mandate of transforming community and communities around us. 

 We want to do anything possible to educate, feed, give medical facilitation, love and care and accommodation (with God’s help) to some of them. Many Children in Uganda, like many African countries, are living under difficult circumstances such as child abuse, child sacrifice, hunger, and lack of education, defilement, and neglect and sometimes abandoned; among others. This has interrupted their commitment in Christ, just because the physical needs are not catered for. It affects children in knowing, trusting and loving God and prevents them to grow into godly and responsible citizens.

Uganda faces an ongoing crisis. About 2.4 million children are orphaned as a result of civil strife and the HIV/AIDS crisis, from a total population of over 39 million.

Our dream is to see a new generation of Africans children become agents of change by overcoming life’s challenges of poverty, illiteracy and disease.

Jubilee Revival Outreach Ministries was therefore formed to fight for the cause of children and keep their integrity, provide technical, spiritual and mental support to the growing generation. And the problem is that a big number of these children in Uganda lack parental care and love, shelter, education, medical care, food etc.   We opened a school with only 27 children. Unfortunately, students’ families can not afford even modest school fees, and could not cover the teachers’ salaries, which is still the case today.