1. To demonstrate compassion and care to the orphans , needy and neglected children
  2. To assist children to acquire life sustenance( food, clothing, shelter, medical care)
  3. To train Christians in ministry, skills and ethics to enable them become resourceful and self-sustained in their communities.
  4. To establish Vocational and Technical School and learning centers with the purpose of enrolling and equipping with skills the ever-increasing number of school dropouts due to poverty both in Rural and Urban Areas in Uganda.
  5. To provide technical , spiritual and mental support to the growing generation,
  6. To receive and administer gifts, grants, offerings and other contributions from all well wishers for the work of relief, rehabilitation, reconstruction and development of our communities.
  7. To provide tuition and scholastic materials
  8. To empower income generating projects of the families for the wellbeing of the children
  9. To establish, maintain and operate schools, children’s homes, recreation centers, and children’s churches and advance the knowledge and mission of Christ among children.
  10. To improve the moral standards of Children
  11. To help children discover their purpose and meaning in life
    Organize recreation activities such as sports, games and drama.
  12. To preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, to bring hope and freedom to mankind.
  13. Complementing other NGO and government activity to meet the basic needs of children.
  14. Working with local authorities to sensitize and mobilize the community to respond to the needs of childen.
  15. Educating the communities about the dangers of HIV/AIDS and caring for those afflicted, especially children.
  16. Sensitizing communities the value of family planning and birth control.
  17. Facilitating programs and angaging people to promote the objectives of the project.
  18. Providing community based educational opportunities for people of all ages.
  19. Ensuring the sustainability of our programs through the creation of income generating projects and the development of community partnerships.